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Invest capital wisely - build strong foundations

At Augmentors Partners, we sometimes use a ‘Capability Model’ to help our clients figure out their priorities for building or improving the capabilities of the companies they lead. Not all capabilities are equal, nor should they be. Read more

Building a culture of Continuous Improvement – the Broken Windows theory

After achieving a major strategic milestone such as winning a momentous customer contract or securing your next round of investment, the temptation can be to charge on with the next objective on your business plan. But beware of failing to take time out to review the issues that may be accumulating before you do anything else - no matter how minor they may seem, their impact should be considered. Read more

A Good Approach to Start Up Board Meetings

Here’s a simple test: do you look forward to your Board meetings, or dread them? Boards and Board meetings have the potential to make an important contribution to the success of early stage technology companies – particularly by preparing the ground for future success. So if it’s not working for you then you need to make a change. Read more

New Year - time to change gear...

Holidays over, the new year upon us, and for those involved in running businesses that are in startup or scale up mode, a time to shift up a few gears in preparation for the challenges that will inevitably lie ahead. Even the most focused and motivated need a reboot every now and again to reset the dials and get back into action. Read more

Perseverance: where do you find the energy?

Perseverance is a word that featured heavily at the WATF Startup Forum in Edinburgh last month - quoted as one of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs. Thinking about my own 15 year journey from start-up to exit, perseverance was without doubt a key ingredient of navigating the most bumpy sections of road. But what drives perseverance? Read more

Demystifying ‘Strategy’ and ‘Strategic’ for Early Stage Tech Companies

The word “strategy” is used so often and in so many different ways that at times it loses all meaning. Many books have been dedicated to the topic but my intention here is simply to demystify the many uses of the term and offer some advice for early stage technology companies. Read more

You can do something, a team can do anything

One of the entrepreneur challenges posed at the 9Others dinner earlier this year concerned bringing someone into the founding Startup team. Not sure I had many ideas on the night to know about how best to do this but it did get me thinking about teams. The theory supports this view as well. Read more